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Sunday 23 March 2014

Carrie on - A review of the Nordstrom SJP Shoe Collection

As Carrie, the main character in Sex and the City, she had a serious shoe collection/addiction. So it was sort of a no-brainer for Sarah Jessica Parker (she of the sparkling eye and uncanny ability to not just run in heels but do so as if a bear was after her) to have her own shoe collection here in the real world. 

And as it's been nearly a month since the release of the line sold exclusively at Nordstrom, those of us that spent several fashion filled years with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda have had a chance to look them over, so I figured it was time for a proper shoe review.  Just what are shoes designed by the woman who played the greatest lover of footwear since Imelda Marcos (except way nicer!) like?

First the really good news is they come in half sizes which for me especially is a Godsend. SJP and her co-creator, Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus III have included an array of colours, fabrics and fastenings to the 25 designs all of which are made in Italy from high quality leathers and materials.  Pretty much anyone that loves shoes is likely to fall for at least one pair.

Straight away my favourite was the Diana named after our own fair queen of people's hearts as it has that patent beauty I desire as much now as I did when I was 10, shall I never grow up?  The angled strap gives this shoe a bit more edge than your average Mary Jane, it's a classic in the making.

Next on my want list is the Bobbie.  Straight up Springtime, that mint colour will brighten any wardrobe.  It's available in Coral as well and will (I think) look great with pastel or neutral outfits.  This one screams 'I'm a girl, Isn't it great?'.

Now the not so good news, the price.  While it's not as cha-ching as a Louboutin tag, its not far off, and paying £125.33 for a flip flop is not something I'm (nor indeed should you be) want to do.  And if you are in the UK there's yet more woes as the tax is pretty hefty:
Shipping:GBP 23.69
Duties & Taxes:GBP 97.29

There are a couple of disappoints in the collection as well.  The Maud just didn't float my boat at all and I fear the less graceful of us (i.e. moi) would find our tootsies squeezed uncomfortably between the gaps of the Carrie 'only just' capped pump.

Overall though, as a first collection for shoe lovers out there it's quite exciting.  Yes, a shoe collection can be genuinely exciting... yes it can....don't argue ;op

And there are some sparkling examples of dainty and delicate design. A foot fetish fiesta if you will that has me edging ever closer to hitting the 'Add to shopping basket' button.  Maybe closer to payday!

Images kindly supplied kindly by Nordstrom Meida Press Release

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