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Thursday 27 February 2014

Bloggers Lounge VIP Ski Comp AKA: 'the heck do I know about skiing!

A post about top winter tips they said. All well and good except me giving skiing advice is like a cat owner giving lion taming tips.  I've skied exactly twice in my life and while when I get it right I’m in love with the feeling, getting it wrong is my go-to style.  So the following 'advice' is pure novice perceptions:
I skied that I did - Blue Run
Turn your brain off - There is nothing scarier then the first time you look down a vertical run.  The safety of your chalet miles away, the only thing between you and it is the sheer side of the mountain. It is therefore the most unnatural thing in the world to do what you’re been told (which is Lean. Down!).  Speaking from experience though, if you don't wrap your noggin' around this concept you will fall and if you are particularly slow (like me) you'll fall a lot. Give yourself over to gravity, just for a second; you need to lose control to gain it.
I skied that too - Beginning of Red Run
Get your head in gear - Unless you're rich, your first ski will be in cheap gear. Resign yourself to looking more than a little daft, if you decide you love it, Oakley clothing are high functioning and much more flattering.  

Go with good friends - I'm really blessed and the guys I go with are real salt of the earth types.  Possibly a little bonkers when it comes to their own ski-safety (they've been clocked at 69mph) with me they're soldiers.  Protecting and encouraging until I’m at the bottom, and then that feels truly awesome!
Two of my top blokes
Above all don't forget a helmet.  When an 8yr old wipes you out at 40mph (kids have no fear!) you'll be glad of it.

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