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Monday 27 January 2014

Grammys 2014

So the Grammys have come and gone and as I have yet to see the red carpet offerings I decided to give a few predictions before delving in. When it comes to styling, the Grammys RC has always been a bit more risqué than the others, though I think we have Rhianna to blame for there being any dress code at all.  

So I reckon Lorde will look odd but quirky-cool, Katy Perry will look odd but beautiful-cool and if Lady Gaga arrives the only way she’ll surprise us now is if she turns up physically inside-out and skips down the red carpet using her lower intestines as a rope.   
Let’s see shall we?

Sara Bariellis - Blumarine I actually like this, I’m feeling the red accessories and she looks comfortable, plus her hair was nuttso! 

Best Dressed Christine Teigen – Johanna Johnson this is just flawless, only a model’s body could look this good in that unforgiving a dress!
Queen B: Great dress, hugs all the right bodyparts but the hair seemed a little flat.  While I'm sure the roots were like that by design they do need a touch-up, girl can strike a pose though right?

Anna Kendrick – Azzaro. Beautiful face and hair, but the dress and shoes left me a little underwhelmed, thought it looked a bit like a cheap prom dress (sorry Loz, do I still get my cake?)

Alica Keyes - Giorgio Armani. Being a bit of a pear-shape myself I think I can say this is not a ‘pear shaped girl's best friend’, the Jedward hair didn’t help either,  the vibe all gets a little "thin at the top getting chunkier as we go down". Flattering it aint!
Worst Dressed Madonna - Ralph Lauren, I get that he’s ‘your’ kid but a small coloured child as prop is too  close to the Michael Jackson school of accessories if you ask me.  The hat was more Amish farmer than chic, the trousers need tailoring and her face was so bloated it looked like she's been sucking down salted lollipops all day.  Also she's a fifty year old white woman so no grills, seriously NO GRILLS!  David looked great though, love the shoes.

Katy Perry – Valentino, love it, OTT without being too attention seeking and her face and body are flawless!

Daft Punk – best shoes by far!
Taylor Swift – Gucci, perfectly fitted, am a bit bored of the sparkly dress parade, but there's no denying how good she looks here.  Plus hanging out with Jen Lawrence is having a good effect on her sense of humour.

Jared Leto, erm yeah no idea what he’s wearing as I spent too much time looking into those eyes.  There was some red, it was very rock and roll. (Good Lord but he's pretty!)


Lorde – OK she's just going through that 17-yr-old Goth, unsure what looks good on me phase, we all did we just don’t have this much evidence of our mistakes.  If she’s comfortable then good for her (#ETTO) but I’m hoping she gets a stylist/different stylist soon as I know she could look phenomenal!


Pharrell Williams  Look, the guy makes so many cool tunes, even I've downloaded the last three of his singles so he can wear any kind of stupid-arse hat he wants to as long as he keeps doing what he does so well.


Rhianna  Alexandre Vauthier – I didn’t see her at the grammys RC but I found this pre-grammy Gala look which was almost "amazing/a little hoochy-mama I forgot my bra again".  Killer colour though!

So there you have it, No Gaga that I could see but a mass wedding officiated by Queen Latifa which is something you know she'd have been all up for.  I'm surprised she didn't pop up wearing the wedding cake though, maybe next year.


Unknown said...

The grammys always hosts great fashion and some not so great. I agree with Christine being one of the best dressed.

Stay Stylish, TL. Xx
Twynkle Loves

TmS said...

Thanks, She did look amazing right?!

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