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Monday 13 January 2014

Golden Globes 2014 - yays and nays

Ahhh 2014, the year of not being such a bitch to everyone.  This year, as well as the usual judgey-judgerson type of red carpet blogs, I’ll be injecting a little hashtag of my own making #ETTO Each To Their Own.  Don’t worry I’ll still be noting if some stars are offending me with their style/stylist’s choices but with a side dish of sweetness.  Cos apparently not everyone wants to look the way I think they should (ooh look at me I’m growing!)

Amy Adams, Valentino – One who obviously enjoyed her bra-less workout in American Hustle (approx. 38 outfits and not one supported boob in sight).  I suspect it’s not a look that many will want to copy but I reckon she may be the only woman at the globes that got home and didn’t have red marks all over her body from under wiring or corset lines.

Emma Watson - Dior Couture.  You think it’s all nice but safe and then BAM its trousers AND a dress (outrageous huh? *please note heavy sarcasm*).  Lovely change and the hair and shoes were casually chic without being out of place.  Good Brit, well done.

Sandra Bullock - Prabal Gurungs.  Getting a little more stick for this choice, whether you like or loath it, her face and hair are lovely and I’ll hear no bad words said against my Sandy, naa-ahh zip it!

There were a few trends…

Alarming 80’s Hair Don’ts

1 of 3.  Jessica Chastain - Givenchy.  If you have a generously sized forehead don’t make it worse by bouffanting your hair, it’s all we end up looking at instead of your pretty face and well cut dress.
2 of 3 Amber Heard -Atelier Versace.  Oy-vey, can barely even see the dress for this fro (and she looks a little wasted here, no?)

3 of 3 Hayden Panettiere - Tom Ford.  Rounding up a sorry trilogy, a nice enough dress badly tailored and topped off with a slicked back bouf to boot.

Pregged up!

Kerry Washington – Balenciaga.  While I still don’t understand what this woman has done to be famous (obviously went to the Jessica Alba school of Becoming an A List Celeb), this is the best I have seen her.  Apparently the gown is pale green (news to me) but this is definitely up the duff style deliciousness.  

Olivia Wilde - Gucci Premiere.  Even with a proper bump she still outclassed half the other girls there.  This looks like the dress Angelina Jolie wore to the Globes in 2011, only ya’know, good and without a bag of bones inside it.

Drew Barrymore - Monique Lhuillier.  Kinda busy and a bit too much for me but she’s obviously happy and comfortable which with a bump as big as hers is, I imagine, is a miracle in itself.  #ETTO.  I’d probably still be in my jogging bottoms on the sofa if I were that pregnant, props for getting out at all.

Love this!
Lupita Nyong’o - Ralph Lauren. So yes she’s a model and can make anything look amazeballs but the draping/caping (whatever you want to call it) means she totally knocked this one out of the park.  BEST DRESSED

Lena Dunham - Zac Posen.  Bless her cotton socks.  She obviously just doesn’t care what anyone thinks (I mean look at her, she can’t can she?) and I love the confidence she surely has to wear this and not mind the numerous looks she must have received.  It’s truly terrible but hey Lena, don’t ever change, am starting to admire your get-up gumption!

Bérénice Bejo - Giambattista Valli Couture. Might have looked better in the flesh but in pictures with all those odd all embellishments, waaaay to busy.  The Gypsy earrings and tight up-do did not help this look, its all a bit too shrunken headed voodoo doll pom-pom dress for me. #ETTO. WORST DRESSED

Michelle Dockery - Oscar de la Renta.  Pretty, yes very pretty but not much more than that, a little safe Chelly.

Kaley Cuoco - Rani Zakhem Couture.  This dress seems to have split the blogging pack but I am leaning towards fabulous rather than farcical.  Sure it’s a little out there but at least it’s different, and her eyes and smile say ‘Judge away people, I look brillimerant’ and so she does.

What was your best and worst?

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Unknown said...

It's refreshing to read an honest post about so many red carpet looks. You know my favorites. My least favorite have to be Hayden in that Tom Ford, she's too short for it and Paula Patton and her ruffled mess.

Thanks for the visit over at my blog doll! Happy Weekend. XO


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