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Sunday 19 January 2014

SAG Awards 2014

Another day another red carpet and yesterday was the turn of the SAG awards, where actors and actresses slap each other on the back and tell themselves how great they are while we silently judge in the comfort of our homes.  As ever I’ll forgo that silence in favour of publishing my rambling thoughts here for you guys to agree, disagree or correct my grammar on. 

Natalie Dormer - Marios Schwab

Only got a glimpse of this as the E! red carpet closed but I gotta say I loved  that she went a bit out there.  Sure close up its a little a futuristic cancer victim chic, but the overall effect was daring and unique and I loved it.

Julie Bowen - Carolina Herrera

You go to an award ceremony that's live to millions of people and you chose this? Loved her earrings but the dress was like something they’d thrown out in the 70’s cos it was too ugly, which is quite some feat from the decade that embraced polyester.

Julia Roberts - Valentino

This may not look all that risqué but once you know that this ‘dress’ is a jump suit it takes on another vibe and one I really quite approve of as she looks so comfy.   One of the moments of the night has to be when Giuliana Rancic tried to get Julia back onto the subject of fashion after a bunch of fans almost got squished from a rail falling over:
Giuliana: That looked bad, but onto more important things, your dress
Julia: More important than human life indeed   Gotta love that girl!

Lupita Nyong - Gucci

To have that flawless skin! And the colour of the dress against it was so beautiful, this girl has not put a foot wrong on all – or both red carpets she’s graced yet.  I’m so looking forward to what she’ll wear to the Oscars, more capes please Lulu!

Amy Adams - Antonio Berardi

Hoorah no boobige on show!  Love the cut outs, the colour and the old Hollywood glamour, from the live interview I saw, it also looks like she won’t have any surgery to take away a few lines around the eyes and for this I very much applaud her.

Claire Danes - Vionnet

A little darker, chicer and all out fabulous for Danes this RC. The tulle neckline and panel front was perfect on her and the accessory of husband Hugh Dancy wasn’t too hard to look at either

Cate Blanchett - Givenchy

Yeah I’ve obviously missed something here cos that sparkly bib look I just don’t get.   The colour wasn’t my favourite either but as she’ll definitely be around for the Oscars she gets another chance to impress me, which is something I hear she’s going all out for.

Jennifer Lawrence - Dior

So I get the Dior have thrown a bucket load of cash at her but is there any chance we’ll see her in anything but their dresses ever again? No matter, she looked lovely and the dress was nice enough, if a little dull.  She still has my heart as when Giuilana was trying to get her to concentrate on her dress Jen was still wittering on about having armpit vaginas.  It makes me smile that this girl is in Hollywood right now.

Kerry Washington - Prada

I don’t…  I can’t….why’d she?  uhhh…. Let’s just move on shall we?

Sandra Bullock - Lanvin

Oh God am I actually doing this?  After the Golden Globes when I wouldn’t hear anyone slagging off Sandy?  Deep breath, I LOVE this woman and all that she stands for and the dress she wore to the Critics’ Choice was so lovely.  This??? This was something she must have picked up from the rubbish tip outside the old Dynasty set. Her hair and make-up were perfect as usual but the dress? Just no.

#ETTO. Sharp Dressed men included Jared Leto, blatantly flirting with Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones (so jealous of her now!) Aaron Paul (great shoes beeeaatch!) and Kit Harrington from GOT again.  I just wish he had kept his messy hair, so much sexier!

I’m not doing best and worst this time, cos my worst is Sandy and I. Just. Can't!


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Unknown said...

As I'm reading your post, I'm nodding, nodding and nodding some more. AGREE 100%! Kerry was the biggest NO-NO in that crop top. Its inexcusable to show up 'in that' to a red carpet. She is every designer's darling right now. Amy was the most improved in that beautiful royal blue. Jlaw, love her and she also looked better but I'm SO OVER her in Dior! Yawn already. Lupita has been perfection and can't wait to see what she will do for the Oscars.

Have a great weekend! XOXO


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