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Thursday 12 December 2013

Fashion Galore (a blow by blow account)

Before Lady Gaga was running around wearing the inside of animals on her arms and dressing up in all her crazy fabulousness there was another lady that represented fashion's oddities and that was Isabella Blow.  More of a muse and finder of fashion legends than a follower Blow is, arguably, most well known for discovering/pushing for Alexander McQueen to be the fashion world's darling. 

Famous for wearing a plethora of Philip Tracey hats, many of her garments and gowns are now displayed in Fashion Galore! an exhibition at Somerset House (showing from now until March 2nd 2014).  Here are 6 other things you may or may not know regarding the Lady Blow:

  1. She can trace her genealogy back to the 12th Century - a perk of being posh no doubt!
  2. Not only was she a staunch supporter of McQueen she also discovered Stella Tenant and Plum Sykes.  

  3. An elderly member of her family pretty much blew the entirety of their fortune in the early 1900's (but posh people have a habit of making back those lost millions don't they?)
  4. She once wore a 4 inch silver spiked ankle cuff to a party, evidently this blooded up the other leg something akin to the original Cinderella storyline.  While there is some evidence that she couldn't pop her lipstick on straight to save her life, her dedication to her fashion choices cannot be doubted.
  5. She was quoted as saying 'Hats are like anti-depressants, no one needs to be popping pills' which is odd seeing as she had more than the mad hatter but still managed to killed herself in 2007.  
  6. Sadly her friend Alexander McQueen once said he could never comment suicide after seeing how much pain her untimely death had caused.
You have to wonder if these two flawed but fabulously creative people are together having a right giggle up in heaven right now.

Images taken from Somerset House  and my secret photographer!

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