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Saturday 2 November 2013

Your New Favourite Band

I Strip For Couples.  This is not a recreational preference nor a change in  career,  this is the name of your new favourite band.  As I'll admit to being friendly with number of the artists that were to take to Junction 2's stage that Tuesday night in October, I'll refrain from naming names.  This is in no part due to the fact that I can only remember the christian reference of half the people there and much more to do with wanting the music to speak for itself, or something.

Mixing several genres of music has obviously been done before and I went along to see ISFC with a tired, washed out hope it doesn't over-run cos I really want to get home on time attitude.  I almost didn't go at all,  however what followed over the next hour or so was the sort of musical ingenuity I honestly can't remember experiencing before, it was like going to my first ever gig.

A combination of classical, MC's, base players, two drummers more in sync than a Siamese twin and guitarists topped of with the vision and flare of the organiser - something I will call 'The Jay Effect' - was what was in store for us. This was more of an experience than a gig with, at times, the melodies and music becoming practically hypnotic.

The MC needs a mention: I doubt I'll be seated as close to him again as if he isn't snapped up by some record label soon there is no justice in the world.  At times I did wish that the music would chill down a bit and allow the poetic texture of his vocals to take over, he had a clear honest sound that was both uplifting and extremely appealing, plus he was cute.

Talking of uplifting the string section or Magnificent Seven as they were named, added that essence only classical music possesses, the 'gig' would have not had the impact it did without them.  Then there's the drummers, how two people can bash away in such unison is a mystery, for the first half hour I wasn't even sure there were two drum kits.  Just thought it was one very good, very loud drummer.

Bassists and guitar players finished off the band the way that a rich dark chocolate finishes off an eclair.  And when all of the above played together, they built to a crescendo of emotions and musical enjoyment, the likes of which I haven't experienced in years.  Words pail into insignificance in comparison to the emotions these artists invoked, it was magical, miraculous and just so fucking awesome.  I haven't left a gig hoping to see the same band again so much in a really long time.  I'd have gone back the next day, even if the set was exactly the same.

And while you may think I am biased as my admission above states the artists are generally known to me, I would ask you to listen to them before passing judgement (not that easy but there are one or two videos lurking around).  If your current favourite band is Thor then I Strip For Couples are The Avengers.  On a really good day.  In really good moods. Having just had the best sex of their lives.

Still don't believe me?  Unfortunately THIS is all I can give you.  Just don't think for one minute it's a tenth as incredible as it was on the night.

I seriously think I need to stop mixing with such a bunch of talented mother-fuckers, or at least get good at something.

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