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Monday 30 September 2013

Filled Up On Philly

While New York had that crazy fast paced "what the heck is going on-oh it's just finished-and hey now what's that"?! vibe, Philly was a little more like real life.  The weather was a little less melty-feeling, the views were a bit less built up (not much mind) and the people were definitely less in your face and just so darn lovely.

Baseball matches (good lordy but they are long!) trips to the city and seeing the first original Beatles LOVE sign were all highlights but there were other events that happened in Philly which I can only describe as momentous.

Life Ambition No:1 Visiting THE basketball pitch where the Fresh Prince opening scene was filmed.  By the way when Mr Prince talks about living in West Philly I'm afraid to tell you he lied, this scene was filmed in East Philly.  From what I can gather if it really was in West Philadelphia then the cameras and machinery used to shoot the scene would have been ripped off and sold before Fresh could utter 'Yo home to Bel Air'.  But that's OK as later in the trip I managed)...
Life Ambition No:2 Drink from one of those red plastic cups.  I genuinely have no idea why this makes me so happy, maybe cos I'm now one step closer to a hero of mine.
General Cool Thing: Not so much an ambition but wildly cool all the same was coming face to metal face with the statue of one Rocky Balboa.  We also ran up the stairs and jumped around singing 'Eye of the Tiger' (something no one else has ever thought of doing I'll bet).

All this took some beating but a trip to Chestnut Hill took my breath away.  Imagine any Sandra Bullock chick flick that's set in middle America.  You know the sort of town you see in the first 'few setting the scene' images? That's Chestnut Hill. 

The whole town was like an advert for the American Dream.  A high street with all independent shops (except one McDonald's and a Starbucks (which I didn't see that many people in) and it coming up to Fall, as they say, garden centres with pumpkins as big as your butt, if your butt was very very big indeed.

A genuinely dreamy place, if you don't believe me see for yourself...

Tis Gorgeous no?

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