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Saturday 20 July 2013

Impressive Dresses Fashion in Motion (Serious Gushing ensues!)

I’m not one to gush, normally I find it much easier, more genuine (and if I’m honest funnier) to tear down than suck up, but then my fashion soul mate and I attended the latest Fashion in Motion event at the Victoria & Albert museum on 19th July.  And I just knew, from the first item I saw I was a gonna.  Hook, line and sinker I fell for Jenny Packham designs. NB: if you are sickened by infatuated writing please turn away now. 

Celebrating 25 years in the bis (no small feat in the age of austerity and the credit crunch) Jenny, yes we are on first name terms now, joined with the V & A to showcase her latest few collections.  Tickets were free (as long as you didn’t mind hanging on the phone like Blondie) which I didn’t.

And true the lighting was amazing, the long white benches and catwalk looked professional, clean and chic and the music had an air of elegance to it but by far, the stars of the show were the gowns.  Without exception each and every one was totally exquisite (told you I would gush, it gets worse too.) Even the dresses that weren’t literally breathtakingly and exciting to watch were still pieces of art.  
Billowing sleeves and diamante details, Grecian styled gowns and ostrich feathered minis sauntered past the slack mouthed audience (and I can say this as I was one of them).  Sparkly bejewelled wonders and belted gowns made of a silk which looked as if it was the most elegant ghost you’d ever see glided down the runway .

True, unless your life is one long episode of Revenge or Gossip Girl this is not day to day attire but that genuinely didn’t matter.  From the sheer elegance of her gowns to her ability to make a girl feel like a princess without a hint of crassness the sickeningly talented Jenny P is most definitely my Designer of the Decade (seriously Stella M should just quit now, she’s never going to be anywhere near this good).

When she popped out at the end to give the little bow (like they do at real fashion shows) I don’t mind admitting I actually squealed like a 14 year old girl at her first gig.  And just when I thought I could love her no more she goes and creates a high street line, No. 1 by Jenny Packham is available in Debenhams now.   That’s my new girly crush signed, sealed and delivered then. 

Fun Factoid (not sure if I hate the word 'factoid' or not yet so am trying it out here) Jenny is sister to the Chris Packham.  Those born in the 70’s will remember him as the really wild show’s spikey haired cool dude, others may recall he’s the one that voiced that we should stop trying to save giant pandas  ‘I reckon we should pull the plug. Let them go with a degree of dignity’) 

Images taken from V & A press release.

Ps Hmmm, I think I do hate it!

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