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Friday 17 May 2013

Baftas Blog

Here it is. The red carpet event that, as much as I hate to admit it, really does show British TV Stars have such a hard time doing OTT glam in comparison to our friends across the pond. Thankfully there were a good few offerings that get Thee Middle Sister Seal of approval…


Laura Whitmore: understated yet glamorous, casual yet red carpet ready. Loving this look.
Kara Tointon: loving the 1920’s vibe and that she was one of the few that actually went to real hairdressers rather than getting her hair done at Supercuts (eh Jenna Louise Coleman?) Though you can’t see them in this picture I thought the shoes were a little clunky for the delicate detail of the rest of her outfit, but a lovely look nonetheless.BEST DRESSED

Tess Daly: again with the 1920’s look (didn’t I say this would come in!) Not usually one of my favourite dressers, this time she’s actually done quite well. Brownie points for the woman devoid of personality.

Mille Mackintosh: skinny as a rake is a saying made for this girl, though she does look lovely and managed the whole ‘wind-blowing-skirt-incident’ well which showed a lot of class.


Binky: ahh Binks! Love that you don’t care, hate that you turned up to a red carpet event in a dentist swill pink jumpsuit. Honestly this is a horrible outfit but please never change, well you can change out of this (and the sooner the better). Just know that your down to earth attitude is why we love you so!

Holly Willoughby: Although she's put together well this look does not suit her gorgeous hourglass figure. I reckon her stylist must have been suffering from a relationship break up to let her go out in this – unless Hols is up the duff again? In which case congrats, and under the circumstances you look smashing!

Sienna Miller: Nothing bad about this per say but it’s her dull as ditch water attitude to style that I’m so bored of. Almost makes me wish for the time when she was shacking up with that Getty bloke just so she’s not as dull to write about. Nice shoes though.


Tina Malone: This is a joke, right? WORST DRESSED

 Next stop CANNES!


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Lauren said...

I thought Laura Whitmore looked stunning - easily one of my favourites. Helen McCrory looked incredible too, as did Jodie Whittaker. Wasn't too keen on Tess Daly's hemline as it looked like it had been through a shredder, and Kara Tointon's hip fringing was distracting! Gorgeous hair and make-up though.

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