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Sunday 10 March 2013

Sisters are doing it for themselves

It was a conversation with my dad that started me thinking that right now, women rock.  It maybe that I'm biased but the truth seems to be that we ladies are doing things that (other than the ever present Mr George Clooney) men just aren’t quite matching up to.

There are all these amazing actresses that are cropping up.  Not Disney darlings that have 4 albums and 3 TV series under their belt before they’ve started wearing bras, but real God’s honest grafting actresses.  Like Jessica Chastain who has slogged their way to the top through grit and gumption and brilliantly still brings her gran to all the award shows.

There’s a type honesty and grounding that seems to be infecting Hollywood through these ladies as well.  People like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, who don’t seem to be as bothered by tinsel town shenanigans as the last decades affected actresses.  Proving my point perfectly, when questioned on what she thought when she fell going to collect her Oscar, Lawrence replied ‘A bad word, it begins with F’.  A typically normal reaction to tripping up with the world watching.

Likewise in a recent interview when asked the secret to her incredible body, Blake Lively looked the interviewer square in the eye and said ‘I’m twenty five’.  She did expand on this a bit, adding ‘That and a good metabolism. I could lie and put it down to dog walking, but you would be well within your rights to call my bluff: my dog weighs three pounds. I take six steps and she’s done for’.  See? honesty that 10 years ago a PR exec would have beating out of her.

I call it the Adele Affect, Queen A concurred America in record time, has Grammys and Oscars to prove it and still she manages to keep that grounded normal personality that we all love her for – the same can’t be said for that jumped up little twat Bieber, God I can’t wait til he takes his first taste from a crack pipe and buggers off into obscurity.

But I digress, another women that I particularly have bit of fan girl fascination with is Lana Del Rey.  True she’s not to everyone’s tastes and is more of a product than a person but whether you play her record a billion times (like I probably have) or would rather use her CD as a coaster, there’s no denying she’s doing something different and inventive with her music.

And if you think this sort of fabulousness isn’t the same for those exceptional everyday woman as well, it's time you looked around you.

Right now I know women fighting cancer, women struggling with bad treatment in crappy jobs and women trying like mad to make healthy decisions in relationships when all they’ve been taught are unhealthy lessons.  Each one a warrior in their own way and each one deserves as much congratulations as their more famous counterparts.

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