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Tuesday 5 February 2013

Sad Effort Awards?

It's almost as if the stars of screen and stage knew I was away on holiday for this red carpet as it seems their efforts were a little lack luster for SAG Awards (or maybe it's because they also know a better, more glamorous red carpet is just around the corner).  No matter how disappointing the offering a carpet has been walked and therefore opinions will be formed.  Shall we?

Nicole Kidman, Vivienne Westwood

The dress itself is rather lovely however the scary ironed smooth hair and face is all a bit too stepford wife for me.  Not her greatest look.

Sofia Vergara, Donna Karan Atelier

I honestly think she was fooling around with her finance in the limo and forgetting they had reached their destination scrambled to put her dress back on correctly.  And failed.  Far too prom dress-esk for a woman of her physique.

Jennifer Lawrence, Dior Haute Couture

DHC it may be but that didn't stop it looking like it had fallen apart when she got up for her award.  I'd have expected better from Dior but maybe the wonder web they used was out of date or something.  Lawrence has since advised it was a tiered dressed and this was just a small hiccup.  Up until that point it was a fabulous look though, Thee Middle sister thinks that midnight blue was the colour of the night.

Anne Hathaway, Giambattista Vali Couture

You know I love her right?  so it pains me to admit this is a real miss for her.  While her face is stunning the dress is all too kids party frock that has had the bottom half caught in the car door for me.

Jamie Alexander, Marc Bouwer

Can you say attention seeker? I can't decide if I like this one or not though.  It manages to be wildly plunging without showing any real cleavage but my fashion monitor swings from tacky to edgy and wont settle on either side.  I'll have to let you lot decide on this one. 

Michelle Dockery, Vintage Chade Ralph Rucci

On first glance this is nice but a tad dull.  However the addition of a serious amount of side boob-age ups the ante somewhat.  Also her face is flawless so this is another nod for the British invasion.  And one who should be taking notes is...

Naya Rivera, Donna Karan

This look only works from a real distance.  True the bottom half of the dress is worthy of the Hollywood set, but up close the top half is more working girl looking for a punter than young actress looking her best.

Morena Baccarin, Basil Soda

One word springs to mind here: Oddity.  The skirt, the sheer sided panel its all a bit strange.  Not bad per say but honestly while her hair is that short she'll never look as good as she did when she played a high class intergalactic hooker in FireFly.

BEST DRESSED - Amada Seyfried, Zac Posen 

Now here's a girl that gave her all (even if it was only the SAG's).  Props go to Mandy for the hair, make up and finding that ever elusive strapless gown that doesn't cut your boobs in half.  AS's stylist has a lot to teach the other ladies of the night.

TIED - WORST DRESSED Julianne Moore, Chanel

We'll always clash the Moore and I but just once I'd like to see her in a dress that fits her!  You may be getting on a tad but there's no need to advertise the fact by wearing a badly cut gown with a saggy chest area.

TIED - WORST DRESSED Kaley Cuoco, Romona Kevara

The dress itself isn't that bad and if the hair had been shorter it may have worked.  But honestly something MUST have gone wrong here.  Did she get alopecia the night before the award show and then throw on the first helmet styled wig she found.  And I don't know if it's the make up or what but this image has me shouting at the screen 'Kaley, Put the Botox Syringe down and step away from the plastic surgeon.  Lest you want to end up looking like Nicole Kidman'!

Images from Huffington post with the exception of Moore and Dockery which are from and respectively.

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