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Wednesday 5 September 2012

That's No Puppy! Olivia Palermo

For  a while now I’ve resisted blogging about someone I a) have never met and b) actively dislike due to not wanting to give the girl any more attention than she’s a ready getting and also because I’d rather not be a hater type.  But she invaded my house in the guise of a front cover image and 10 page spread in my monthly Instyle.  So Olivia Palermo its game on! 

For anyone not familiar with ‘reality’ US stars or Triple FA types (Famous For Fuck All!) allow me to introduce you.  Palermo was featured in The City (The Hills Spin off) as the arch enemy of sugary sweet Whitney Port.  With bitchy comments and an up-herself attitude, a one dimensional stuck up douche bag persona (I’ll not go so far to say personality) was born.

Never one to judge on a first impression I decided to read the article.  I have to nail varnish out her annoyingly bland face just to make sure that I wasn’t doing the girl a disservice with my hatred.  When I read that she had been slashed (an aggressive but apparently legal move in Lacrosse which broke bones in both her wrists) I did feel a little sorry for her.  Then I read this quote "When I see a fan it makes me so happy because I see the effect I have on her"  I think that makes you narcissism personified there Oli, as the only effect you’re having is to show girls that with enough money they too can be a jumped up clothes horse with THE KNOBBLIEST KNEES on the planet!? 
What the fuck is up with that!?
Other reasons for said hatred are:
  1.  She hates being associated with Kim K (even though she’s the same brand of famous, just less real and more snobbish) Also hating her time at The City seems she’s forgotten it is the reason she’s famous in the first place.
  2. Joan Rivers hated her as well (a powerful ally!) and has spoken of what a toss pot she is on Fashion Police (my favourite quote being ‘this girl is such a bitch everyone thought she was French’).
  3. For all her portrayed confidence, I’ve only found one picture of her without a full face of slap and this just reeks of insecurity.  Granted the girls not ugly but those beady little eyes, pinched mouth and mousey hair are all admirably aided by colours, cut and a fuck load of eye liner.

Thank God someone has sewn the bitches mouth shut!
Palermo in scrunchy wearing scandal!
So I now think that the girl that slashed her may have been a terminator style robot sent from the future.  One whose job it was not to break her wrists but lop her stupid self-centred fake head off thereby stopping us from having to endure hearing Palermo describe herself as an ‘Old Soul’ (ooh look at me I’m all deep AND stylish!).  Unfortunately this girl failed in her mission.  That was a sad sad day.

I will still enjoy In Style Mag, with its style, star interviews and fashion advice, but this particular edition, with its insistence that they can't take their eyes off of Palermo and calling her a “modern-day phenomenon” has me wondering when they are going to climb on down out of her butt and re-join the sane?

The interviewer would have you believe if you dislike Palermo you’ve “missed the point entirely” which is bollocks.  I get that there are unreality stars around now and don’t have a problem with the Kim Ks/Snooki’s and Millie Mackintosh’s of the world, because they all have what this girl is missing in droves, sincerity. 

In response the interviewer’s other bullshit comment about how hating her is “akin to hating a rare breed of teacup puppy” I say, look closely, look behind the eyes.  That’s not a puppy it’s a mechanical alligator wearing a PUPPY'S SKIN!

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Life At Victoria House said...

Hahaha she has such nobbly knees!!!! I've never seen that before :)

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