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Monday 18 June 2012

What happens at a Clothes Swap

Photo taken from Debenhams Site
I'm so untrusting but this is how I'd have described my feelings about attending a clothes swapping party.  If I'm really honest my concern was other people would bring old clothes that were frumpy, worn out or dirty, but my lack of faith in womankind was given a firm slap when I turned up and saw what was being brought for trade at my first ever event.

The phase ‘one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure' is such I cliché I can hardly bring myself to write it, but never were truer words spoken. Everyone (including myself) took this opportunity as an excuse to, in the nicest way possible, show off and finally part with that high end high street item that, though much loved, just hadn't made it out of the wardrobe.  If you've not yet ventured into the world of swapping don’t for a moment think its akin to a charity shop venture, it's so much more, here’s why:

Charity Shop first impressions: Musty smell, ramshackle arrangements of clothes, old people.
Clothes Swap first impressions: Wine! music, nibbles and clothes laid out around the comfy location of a friend’s lounge.

Charity Shop Donators: No idea! Could be queens, could be bag ladies or mental patients who have no need of their clothes any more as they are about to be locked away and the key thrown in the river.
Clothes Swap Donators: Friendly, pretty, well dressed people drinking wine (did I mention there was wine there?) and being wholly normal.

Second Hand Shop finds: When it comes to clothes this can be very hit and miss, you may find the odd French Connection top if you're really lucky or very thorough in your search.
Clothes Swap Finds: True, this was my maiden voyage but if it’s anything to go by LK BENNET, JIGSAW AND JASPER CONRAN!

Photo by Me!
So I wasn’t prepared for the excitement in the atmosphere or the quality of clothes.  Unfortuantley, nor was I prepared for the venom I felt for a perfectly lovely girl who had the audacity to TRY ON MY SHOES! (ok not my shoes per say, but shoes that I liked but had passed on as I didn’t want to spend cash). Seeing them on another’s feet, my inner bitch rose up like a phoenix from the ashes and quiped ‘maybe bit small for you’?  It should be embarrassing to admit as soon as she took them off they were back on my feet quicker then a child star can turn into a jailbird, it should also be embarrassing to admit the full on shopper’s high I got when I managed to swap them for a dress and a smaller amount of cash.  Luckily for me embarrassment is a distant relative I see little of.

Photo by Me!
There was also jewellery for sale at this swap, brightly coloured, individual pieces made out of Tagua nut (an ivory replacement) and available through The Mashi Foundation A charity aiming to help street kids in Ecuador. These went down a treat as they practically scream, “wear me, you’ll be saving elephants, helping kids and looking fabulous"what other ring can do all that?

Photo take from WapaWapa site Link above

From my (one) experience, it seems the style of the swap is set by the organiser, so if you are invited by someone of questionable taste, I'd walk the other way. But if the invitee has shown themselves to be of stylish origin it stands to reason they’ll mix with other similarly minded bods. If this is the case I suggest, grabbing that  skirt or trousers that you bought 4 yrs ago (wore once and then can’t wear again as it gives muffin top) grab some cash, a bottle of wine and don’t be afraid to haggle your way to a new outfit!

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