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Sunday 3 June 2012

A shoe collection to make us green with envy (or not)

So a new designer has struggled her way to the top and with determination, passion and perseverance has finally achieved her dream of releasing a collection of shoes.  Either that or she asked her dad to sort it for her.  I am of course talking about Chloe 'TopShop' Green's endeavour into the designing world. 

Let's forget for a moment that the only reason we know this wannabe socialite is due to her 'showmance' (thank you Ros) with the gayest man since Quintin Crisp.  True we were spared a sex tape release to thrust her into the limelight, but the whole Olie from Made in Chelsea relationship fooled only those members of the public that have the intelligence of an oven glove (no offence to any oven gloves reading this).  

Let's also put aside the fact that she didn't think to try selling her collection to someone that wasn't closely related to her, thereby proving her business savvy was responsible for the collection being picked up rather than a massive strop.  No, all designers deserve the benefit of the doubt so I decided to look at the shoes themselves before I judged the designer.  

And I can honestly say I thought they were really really.....

The only way I could describe them would be to guess that a school gave an assignment to a bunch of 12 yr olds to design stripper shoes and this was the outcome.

While Chloe reports that Louboutin's red sole was the inspiration behind her green sole, her designs and tastes look to be a million miles from his.  Whoever told her the higher the heel the better the design was mistaken and Kate Moss reportedly liking them holds no sway with Thee Middle Sister (but you knew that anyway).  

While colour clash is in at the moment, I fear this is taking it colour blind status.  And true my age may well not be the Jade Collection's target audience, but while these shoes cost between £115 - £175 a pair, I'd recommend saving your money to put towards a real designer's shoes. 

If you still want a pair you can get them from here (where all the images were also borrowed)


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