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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Badgley Mischka, how did I miss ya?

I love twitter.  Invaluable information on topics like Icelandic weather or Johnny Depp’s marital status (I did tell him I was married and not to leave her for me!) has been gleaned from strangers across the world who are now friends.  And sharing my opinion of the Made in Chelsea lot (boy did I get THAT wrong!) with likeminded individuals has been very rewarding.

I could so see Hendricks in a dress like this

The only downside that I can see (other than a slight tingle of arthritis I sometimes feel after a particularly long clicking session) is the myriad of writing competitions I learn about, only to discover I'm not eligible to enter due to my nationality. 
Take this latest one, Blogger talent search with IFB and SAKS 5th Ave only open to USA residents (except Colorado and the Columbia weirdly, guess the SAKS girls and these two states haven't mixed well on the playground), and while I understand the reasoning it’s somewhat annoying.  Still as the task was to review your favourite resort line for 2012 (here I was thinking a resort was a place you to go on holiday!) it did open my eyes to a designer I had heard much of but paid little attention to.  Until now…
Badgley Mischka seem to have a knack for producing designs that transcend time.  From the same collection I found clothes that wouldn't have looked out of place in a 1950’s Monroe film, on the Mad Men set or worn by Leighton Meester in a scene from Gossip Girl.

But the real magic of their designs come because BM clothes are cut in a way that are so chic A list celebrities flock to wear them, but could still be worn by us lot too.  That is as long as we have an event to attend where such a dress would be appreciated, these aren’t the type of outfits you’d throw on to pop down to the grocery store for a carton of milk. 
Flattering cuts flirt with plunging necklines while dreamy feather detail (I’m big into feathers) and diamond light crystals are alongside bows, frills, pockets and peplum.  It’s all here in the one collection that could take you from a beach party to a cocktail party.  Now that’s a line with killing for.

All Images taken from HERE
(NB: Just FYI no one was actually killed in the writing of this review)

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