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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Red Carpet Netball Gala

Well, there weren't a great deal of hoops around and not one person had the guts to wear a Wing Defence bib which was disappointing.  However, Monday night's carpet event is apparently known as the most glamorous red carpet of the year (bit of an up yours to the Oscars but there you go!). 

Some of the designers even got to leave their velvet and jewel encrusted cages to walk alongside the starlets and while certain photos seemed to be the embodiment of what happens when Prince Charming leaves Cinderella (who, in her dispair turns to crack and is now being hoared out by Golem), others were stranger still.

Rather than ponder who is walking the carpet with whom and why, I thought it best to share a few that have sparked an inner monologue in my nogin.  Behold...

The Good
My girl Emma Stone pulls off cutesy pie and I'm starting to love Tory Burch’s style, a new favourite may be forming.

Not sure who this girl is but Marion Cotillard has my vote for the best look of the night (Beyonce was just too obvious!)and while I rarely include men in red carpet round ups, for Ed I'll make an exception.


The Bad

Diane Kruger: While this isn't that bad, I’m thinking she didn’t get a +1 and has therefore resorted to hiding Joshua Jackson under her skirt.

 Jessica Alba paid homage to the 80's complete with side sweeped hair and too much lipstick.  I’d probably like her more if the woman did anything other than breed children and wear different coloured pastel jeans for a living.

And the should be committed

Flying the flag for fucked-up dresses when Lady Gaga isn’t around we have Florence Welch in the ghost of a christmas tree.

Sarah J goes all Scarlett O'Hara on us and manages to knock up a dress AND shoes out of her oldcurtains, proof Celebrities shouldn't try austerity..

And finally Mary Kate Olsen, what the heck is up with her?  if this isn't a cry for help I don't know what is.

NB:No photographers were hurt in the process of this blog as no money has been sort for the images


Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Also really love Tory Burch's style - eccentric but chilled out too. Her house is AMAZING - read a piece on it recently. xx

South Molton St Style

Anonymous said...

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