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Saturday 5 May 2012

My New Favourite shop

Its official I am old.  I say this for several reasons:
  1. I am now obsessed with feeding birds, which as I remember is something the shawl wears do (remember the old dear in Mary Poppins).
  2. When I go out I don't care how daft I look as long as I'm warm.
  3. I love me a new shop and a good bargain.
This latest one isn't really an age admission, its simply an excuse for me to talk about the fact that my home town has just provided me with a new boutique with which I feel a firm and fabulous friendship is forming (try saying that 5 times fast!).  
Velvet Stool £295
You have your high end high street 'special occasion' shops (Ted Baker, Reiss, Coast etc.) all lovely clothes but for the majority of us not everyday wear.  And you have your bargain basement shops (Primark, H & M Dorothy Perkins etc.) which most of us can afford but you may agree, sometimes the clothes sold aren't made with the most romantic of materials and can fall apart after one spin of the washing cycle.  
Royalty Teabags £7.50
Shell Necklace £12.00

Being a middle sister I have craved a middle ground shop. Quality items that give that shoppers buzz but without a price tag that has you wondering how you'll pay your electricity bill if you buy them.   Oliver Bonas is that shop, the latest on the block that has X factor shopping appeal.
Short Dress £22.00
Like a mini department store, OB sells clothes, furniture and accessories for your home that resemble gifts a friend might bring to you when they return from their travels. Which is exactly how OB got started in 1993.  Now with 32 shops trading across the UK OB has finally come to me and it's not a moment too soon.

Welcome King Oliver, long may you reign...

All Images taken from the Oliver BOnas Website, but as I;m totally biggin' them up I'm thinking they wont mind!
Happily Ever After £95.00

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