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Friday 18 May 2012

The Can Cannes Can!

So, one of my MANY followers managed to get a message through to me regarding the Cannes Red Carpet and like a good blogger I listen to all suggestions. Juliet, your wish, my command…

Lana Del Ray: so what if her live singing has an essence of the Milli Vanilli about it, I still love her album. But the smoking and all the drama (darling) show’s her up as a schoolgirl play acting at being cool rather than a woman optimising it. Nice (if a bit dull) dress though.

Eva Longoria: Like a really stunning version of one of those dollies your Nan used to put over an unsightly toilet roll. There is no denying she does look beautiful, but it was all a little ‘look at me mum, mum! MUM LOOK AT ME!’ in its delivery. Why was she there again?

Diana Kruger: My husband calls this one ‘dead behind the eyes’ and while her passion for life may be called into question her fashion style is spot on pretty much all of the time.  AND she’s dating Pacey from Dawson’s Creek which makes me more than a tad jealous.

Tilda Swinton: I know I go on about her a lot here but I honestly think she has the personality of a soggy bowl of cornflakes and her style is half as stimulating. This isn’t too bad for her and I did see one comment saying 'she looked amazing (as ever!)' but I’m not sure they had mastered standing up straight yet (their sign off was ‘DailyMailReader’) so we can dismiss that out of hand.

Jessica Chastain: WORST DRESSED this pains me as I loved her Oscar’s frock but even if this dress had seen an iron I still don’t think it would have scrubbed up much better.

Jane Fonda: the woman’s 74 and looks like this. Props to Mrs Fonda!

For the first time I couldn't pick 1 BEST DRESSED so I went for two.

Dolores Chaplin: Granddaughter of the legendary Charlie (should have known, oldest Hollywood was in her blood) her Lanvin dress was dramatic without being so in your face.

And Finally Fan Bing-Bing: a little out there but I get the feeling she’s not one to show up anywhere in a two piece and pearls, loving that she went with tradition with just a twist of fashion.

Tell me if I missed anyone you think deserved a mention!

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