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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Something Else I Don't Get...

So once again I find myself writing about that stuff wot you get in shops.

However I'd like to clarify this is not from the point of view of one in the know. Though I have great admiration for the mountain of blogs out there that advise what to wear with what and why (My Style Diaries is a particularly worth a gander if you like that sort of thing), my joining in would be on a stupidity par with Chris Penn deciding he should have got the oscar for Footloose instead of his brother.

No I’m the kinda girl that generally has to start thinking about what outfits will work a good week in advance, but even that doesn’t guarantee I'll show up looking like a Gossip Girl cast member (though in my head this is true). Clothes I clobber together appear to crumple, curled hair becomes flat and flyaway and perfected make up has slid down and off my face within 20 minutes of leaving the house. If I ever see someone that has curled their hair with GHD’s that last more than the aforementioned 20 minutes, I’ll either beg them for their secret or shoot them in the face and hide the body in the boot of my car. It depends on my mood and hormone level at the time so please don’t say you haven’t been warned - (though if there are any government agencies reading this, please don’t take this as a genuine threat on the public’s safety either, I’m kidding…sort of … never mind go back to making bad decisions on behalf of the world).

I’ve digressed a tad haven’t I…

The point being I'm not that knobbly kneed numpty who used to be in The City (I will not say her name, she gets too much puplicity as it is) whose only job seems to be wearing clothes and telling others what clothes to wear whilst displaying as much character as a boiled egg. My ponderings are more like a bewildered passerby, a tourist in the new land of the stylish, enjoying what they see but not really sure what the fuck is going on.

Take this look for example. Is a belt that looks like a homeless person has tied a rope around their waist really the latest trend we are to fall in love with or is Wintour Woman having us on?

Image taken from here,

And who came up with the word ‘Peplum’ and is this really an anagram of how you’ll come across if you get the look wrong (um plep!)

Image taken from here.

Which brings me to my final comment on 2012 fashion, a confusion that you may have picked on as one that greatly narks me. Why is it now acceptable to colour clash? Growing up I remember rhymes like ‘blue and green should never be seen except for on a fairy queen’ guiding us away from garish colour couples.

Now it's all Orange and Pink? Go for it, who cares if you look like a sunburnt Satsuma, its ‘on trend’. Part of me wonders if it’s all a little too close to the story of that Emperor and his new clothes. And while those strange beings that are models may look like this:

Image taken from here,

Are we all walking around looking like this?

Image taken from here!


whilldtkwriter said...

One look that surprised me a few years ago was women wearing chemises as outerwear--slinky sphaghetti-strap tops. I think the 80s was the time when I saw them advertised and used as undergarments that women wore underneath blouses, like wearing half slips underneath skirts. I don't know if the style is still current. I'm not a fashion follower.

TmS said...

@Whilldtkwriter, not a look I am familiar with I must say! Each to their own though :)

whilldtkwriter said...

I happened to think of your article regarding pink and orange combination when I visited The blogger takes fantastic pictures and posts them daily.

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