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Tuesday 21 February 2012

My New BF's - Part 2, Holly Fulton

Next on my wardrobe wish list is the clothes by one Holly Fulton. Her personal style seems to be channeling the girls from The House of Eliot and having appeared in Vogue among other magazines, she's definitely not struggling in the bank balance department. Yet still she doesn't seem to be used all that regularly for TV characters (by this I mean I haven't seen her in Gossip Girl) or red carpet wearers.Slinky silk maxi dresses in bright bold patterns and designs seem to be her forte, and if I could make outfits that resembled anything like the below I wouldn't stray too far from what I know either. Unfortunately I'm the kind of girl that sews her skirt to her tights (in my defence they were very thick tights and I was only 14) and burns her fingers on melted socks that have been shoved in the microwave to dry. Yes that did really happen, no I'm not making it up, I'm just that clever.

In the past Fulton's range has been very much in the style of 'Art deco meets Aztec glamour' but for her show today at London Fashion Week she cited Lady Chatterley as her inspiration (so be on the look out for flapper fashions and naked men then yes?). Her website doesn't give prices (its obviously of the 'if you have to ask you can't afford it' vein then) however not all her items require you to sell of a kidney or two. This scarf is on sale now at ASOS, granted its not one of her gorgeous dresses but its a start.

Though she's another one that you wont find in your local River Island, she is stocked in the Capital City on South Molton Street (see this blog for more info there!) and Ledbury Road as well as all these places.

Holly Fulton, A female not adverse to using more than a little colour in her collections.


Lauren said...

Oooh, I really like Holly Fulton! I have one of her tops from the collection she did for ASOS. Best I can do I'm afraid.

StylishByNature said...

Love the collection !!

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