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Monday 20 February 2012

My New BF's - Part 1 Felicity Brown

So I don't do 'real' fashion blogs. Though I love to read other's opinions on who's making good dresses and who should really have thrown themselves and their latest line off the top of a very tall building, I haven't tried my hand at those sorts of posts myself. I thought it was because I'd end up sounding like a mental patient giving their opinion on the latest couture or the kind of person who really really likes the scent of said designers backside, but really it's because I'm a bit of a coward. You see it's particularly difficult to be both sarcastic and complimentary at the same time and as sarcasm is my go to style (like you didn't know that?) I cannot compete with the myriad of blogs out there biggin' up those clever clogs that can sew a few pieces of material together.

However as its London Fashion week I'm feeling inspired to add a couple of posts letting you lot know who I think are designers worth parting with your hard earned readies for. These are not particularly hard up brand new designers, nor are they the ones you see everyone wearing to the Oscars. They seem to be somewhere in the middle and as such thee middle sister feels drawn to them.
In keeping with the UK theme this first one is British, female and I'm hoping has a minion that will happen across this post, forward it to their boss and then shower me with as many pieces from her collections as can fit in a Boeing 787 (if real designers do sizes 10-12?, that's 6-8 for any USA occupants out there). Come on down Felicity Brown!

Felicity has a full on Girl fest theme, Her signature look is all dip dyed ruffles and frills but the S/S 12 collection was when I seriously started considering if I could find the odd £3k to part with for a purchase (electricity or clothes?). I first discovered her when I saw a post on Facebook and felt the need to comment on the fact that it looked like the hem was falling down a bit (sorry about that Flick!). A closer inspection resulted in full on dress lust and a great deal of envy for anyone that went to the show or has an event where such dresses are deemed worthy attire.

My bitchy comment hasn't seemed to slow her down any as she presented at LFW on 18th Feb and has gowns appearing in the V & A British Glamour Exhibition. She also has this 'No 23' collection which is more sedate and more affordable (if you call £165 for a silk T-Shirt) affordable that is)

If I were ever to go to the Oscars (God knows why I'd be there but seeing we are in proper fantasy mode lets just say Ryan Reynolds asked me) I would wear one of these dresses and run away back to blighty before they could take it away from me.

Getting hold of her clothes is a little tricky as in the UK she is only stocked in Harvey Nichs and a small shop in Lemington Spa as well as, oh here!

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