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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Brits Blog!

So the Brits have come and gone again and with the exception of Laura Whitmore howling with laughter at Keith Lemon being not very funny there were a fair few highlights to the evening.

Rihanna was all sex on legs for her performance, even in those clunky boots. She’s fast becoming one of my imaginary entourage (along with Sandra Bullock and Emma Stone) which I am sure she’ll be pleased to hear.

Lana Del Rey looking all demure and glamorous (though barely able to open her eyes under the weight of those lashes) won International Breakthrough Act. Seeing as she’s been around all of 7 minutes this is quite some achievement, while I am definitely a fan of the album (see here) that seems a bit fast even for me.

Ed Sheran, turned up in a green elements t-shirt to perform his single, showing all and sundry that talent doesn’t need to be shoved down your throat to be effective. He was then obviously told by a parent or agent to stop being so slothenly and sharpen up in case/when he wins an award.

The best bit though had to be Adele. Don’t you just love her? 6 Grammys 2 Brits and not afraid to flip her middle finger at the corporate types when they cut her acceptance speech for winning Album of the Year short. To add insult to injury this was only to allow blur to do a set which looked to have been rehearsed as much as a Yr 5 school play, only not so professional. At least James Cordon had the sense to look mortified while he shooed her off stage (which he definitely did not look when he did the same for the One Direction kiddies).

On a personal note I would rather have listened to Adele belch the alphabet then 13 minutes of Damon’s vocals, although the massive lamb kebab was an interesting addition to the stage. Thee middle sister politely requests that he go back to working with the Gorillaz ASAP.


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