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Monday 30 January 2012

Screen Stars big-up each other Red Carpet

Awards season, like an over-excited and somewhat spoilt child high on a thousand bags of candyfloss, is again in full swing, seems we are still ignoring the state the world has got itself into in favour of pretty dresses then.

The SAG Awards, when actors kiss the arse of each other - like that doesn't happen often enough - are slap bang in the middle of the whole shenanigans and having stayed up until 1am (Thank Louboutin I didn't have to work this morning!) I have herded the cattle together, and can now reveal those that met the mark and those that made me want to chew down on a cyanide capsule.

DIANNE LANE in David Meister
Very much Age Apro but then adds a youthful touch with her ponytail. The royal blue looked great with her skin tone and the one shoulder design was very flattering, a good start.

ROSE BYRNE in Elle Saab
Brave girl, different from just about everyone else, Rose chose a bejewelled white jumpsuit that was over 2 years old. A face like that can get away with many looks and this is just one more, an interesting departure from the status quo but please don't let this mean 70's fashion is on the way back...

KRISTEN WIIG in Balenciaga
Erm OK well apart from the fact that she did a penguin impression when she had to walk and decided to wear a choker that made it look like she'd been in some sort of accident and the fact that she seemed to be channeling Dragon Tattoo when it came to hairstyling, apart from all this she looked okish.

KALEY CUOCU in Romona Keveza
I do hate to do this and give Kaley props for her great hair and make up choices, the dress however is one that seems to have been chosen by a pre-pubescent schoolgirl. She can do sexier than this C+ effort and a look best quickly forgotten.

Sigh! this woman never fails to disappoint me. Managing to make a sexy Valentino gown look like a child's party dress is some feat I'll agree, but her 'I'm just an awkward girl next door' persona really bugs me. So dull its untrue.

LEA MICHELE in Versace
Well there is no denying she looked incredible, totally stole the show from the girls above (she doesn't win though, that's still to come) the split almost reached her navel and it seems here's a girl that is really starting to believe the hype about herself, that said if I looked this great I'd be investing in mirrors a bit more too.

So cute and a real nod to to the 1960's 'The Help' vibe, the up do and those high high heels all added to the overall look.

I have no idea why she was there but if you are going to go to an awards show and not be well known for that median turning up in this dress will get you noticed. While I'm a little sad she had the nose job (just chisel that character out of your face why don't you!) getting Jenny Packham to go all goth was a stroke of genius, I bet Roomy Mara is fuming that she didn't get to wear this first.

Red Carpet Trivia: The E! Entertainment correspondent usually opts for rouge shades as the carpet sticks to the dresses adding pinky hues to whatever other colour is chosen. Do add your input below and look out for my Oscars (films not red carpet!) offereing coming soon.

Photos By NW Daily News.

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