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Tuesday 22 November 2011

It's here (whether you're naughty or nice!)


That's it - I'm done with people killing the Christmas buzz! As most towns have now hooked up the Christmas lights to a megawatt plug and switched them on OFFICIALLY Christmas has started.  Anyone who says otherwise had better watch out (and better not pout) cos there is no getting away from it.

Honestly, you'd think that liking Christmas was akin to revering Hitler for all the protests I have encountered. A new one on me this year is that it is bad luck to sing a carol before December. Why?! what will happen? would an elf slide down your chimney and shove a sprig of holly up your bum? Bearing in mind the same person that told me this a) loves Christmas and b) was also taught if you see a magpie, you have to spit! I suggest the whole carol singing kibosh was made up by a mean spirited sibling. As I have many a day sung 'ding dong merrily on high' in the midst of October and am still here to tell the tale, I reckon we're safe to take the whole thing with a pinch of nutmeg.

And what's not to love? OK so sometimes the day itself can be a little anti-climactic, but if you start looking forward to it early, you have all the more time to enjoy the lead up. That's more days to:
Drink ginger laden lattes with a day's worth of calories in them, 
Wonder what the council were thinking when they decided gilded palm trees were festive Discuss what happens when you plan to fit 13 people around a 6 person table.

I get that in recent years it seems to have turned into a consumers wet-dream and that Christmas Adverts have taken a decidedly sloppy turn but for those of us that remember what it is really about it's still a bloody fabulous end to the year. If you can book a holiday 9 weeks prior to jetting off and spend the time leading up wondering what you'll do/what to wear when you get there you can definitely prattle on about presents, parties and mince pies a mere 23 days to the big one.

If your family are healthy and you have a couple of friends, I say it's time for some serious festive-getting!  And for those that still think it's too early, though maths isn't my strong point, I have the following to advise you of:

23 days = 552 hours. 
Take away:Approx. 120 hours for full-time work,
184 hours for sleep,
23 hours for lunch,
Approx 46 hours for travelling around,
23 hours for TV watching/housework (whichever you feel is more important).
23 for dinners
and that gives you only 133 hours of shopping time left. That's less than 6 days!

Compelling stuff huh?  You'd better get cracking.


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