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Monday 19 September 2011

Red Carpet: Here we go again!

So its back, the award show that starts the whole season and which I used to think was named after my sister. The Emmys have been and gone and left us with lots of lovely (some at least) dresses to turn green over. This time I shall report on my girls in groups.

Safe but Successful
Never puts a foot wrong, perfect styling and always get it right, which unfortunately now seems a little dull (backlash is a bitch eh?). Queen of this gang is Lea Michele. Even she must be a little bored with herself.

Another starlet seeing red was Nina Dobrev, not such an old hand at this as Lea but still got the perfect thing going on and with Ian Somerhalder as her beau who wouldn't!

Makes a nice change

Usually opting for cleveage inducing cuts, Sofia Vigara went for the slightly more classic look and pulls it off with ease. Something worth trying again maybe?
While nothing can ever be said against the beautiful Dianna Agron (eh Foxy?) it was definitely nice to see her depart from the fairytale sweetness of her past red carpet offerings and graduate to this altogether more interesting and grown-up attire.

Heading for Hollywood Glamour

Rachel Evan Wood has this look down even with the boyish crop, Sparkly and elegant she's a contender for best dressed.

Well here's a girl who's really enjoying her new found skinniness! Though a dress that cuts above the knee makes the already quite short Kelly Osbourne look a little munchkinesque and the bad tattoos don't do her any favours, at least the colours great.

Getting it Wrong

Kerry Washington WORST DRESSED. Who are you and what is this supposed to be? tackiest thing I have seen in ages. In hooker red with a wipe clean look I think someone took a razor blade to it before she got out the car and poor Kerry didn't notice.

Normally one to get best dressed nominee, this dress by a Project Catwalk winner actually makes her look quite chubby. Unless congratulations are in order again?

Getting it Right

I have no idea who Kristen Wiig is (apparently I should but can't for the life of me remember if I have seen her in anything) however this chocolate creamy dream gown with a deep V works from every angle.

Jennifer Carpenter pulls another great look out of the hat and a clevage like that when you're this skinny is pretty miraculous. That's it girl, show Dexter what he's missing!

Edgy girls

I've had an interest in this girl since 'My So Called Life' (well more of an interest in Leto but you know what I mean!) and even more so after 'Stardust'. Claire Danes squeezes herself into the skin of a mermaid, rubs coal all over her eyes and looks 'Mazing!

Saving the best for last BEST DRESSED Heather Morris, sick of Lea and Dianna stealing the limelight knocked them both out of the park with this breathtaking silky grey gown with a deep V neck and fish-scale detail. Nice one lady.



Lauren said...

Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids! Whip it!) and Clare Danes FTW! Dianna Agron not doing it for me today unbelievably - that dress is evil as it's managed to make her arms look chubby. Too old for her methinks.

TmS said...

Indeed, Need to still see Bridesmaids... Has the shine from the Agron lady finally been tainted for you? Sad times.

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