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Thursday 7 July 2011

NOT Worth the paper its printed on?

I don't read the News of the World so you may think I don't have an opinion on it latest antics (unless you know me quite well and realise I have an opinion on most things). I do know its type though, but that's not my issue either. Trashy papers will always be written as long as people want to read them. I should point out that I regularly watch E! Entertainment so am not adverse to some mind numbing reporting myself, but it doesn't pretend to be real journalism. If Keeping up with the Kardashians started to be described as a hard hitting documentary rather than a voyeuristic glance in the lives of the rich and aimless I'd have a problem with that too. It's the Murdoch hypocrisy that has warranted this rant.

It's obvious to anyone that has half a molecule of respect or empathy for human life that the whole phone hacking malarky was an utterly shit thing to do. There is a special layer of hell reserved for people that delete messages from a murdered teenagers phone thereby giving false hope to her parents that she's alive. But rather than own up to behaviour that was carried out under his leadership, Murdoch gave a statement written by the king of Delusionville.

Speaking of the paper Murdock said it has 'a proud history of fighting crime, exposing wrong doing and regularly sets the news agenda for the nation'. Bearing mind the 'top stories' on their website include some model thinking Prince Harry is better in bed than Jenson Button (something I highly doubt!) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's boobs, celebrity weddings and a gypsy divorce, this is a pretty laughable comment.

Of his misdemeanors he continues 'The company made out-of-court settlements approved by me, I now know that I did not have a complete picture when I did so'. Not really owning up to anything there. Rounding up his speech he said to his workers 'your good work is a credit to journalism'. You'd think the workers of NOTW were literary batmen (and batgirls) rather than gossip columnists.

I don't believe for a moment that shutting down NOTW is a humble gesture especially as rumour has it that Murdoch applied for 'The Sun on Sunday' 2 days before his statement yesterday. If he was honest I reckon he would have said something like this:

'News of the World will do anything for a story, good or bad its what we do and millions of nimrods love it. The only reason I'm making this speech at all is because it looks like the right thing to do. I might lay low for a while but giving this weekend's News of the World revenues to 'good causes' (note the clever non disclosation of which causes) will affect my pocket about as much as a £60 speeding ticket affects a footballer.
Up yours.

p.s. Obviosuly this is all just a personal opinion and I'd apologise to News of the World readers for insulting them with this blog if I thought a) they'd read anything that didn't surround Ryan Giggs' love life and b) they knew what the word meant.

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