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Thursday 10 March 2011

Too Cool or a Fool?

I remember when Kate Moss was discovered in an airport all young and innocent. The shorter beings that were interested in fashion cheered, here was a model that was super successful and only 5ft 7inches. At last someone to look up to that you didn't have to... well look up to! 

Her image became decidedly iffy when rumours of the husband stealing from the 'Primrose Hill Set'/drug taking in front of her daughter surfaced and it went down further after she continued to date that twonk Pete D (how you find heroin addicts sexy is beyond me).

However it seems she's managed to pop the whole 'models aren't dumb' idea back about a decade by walking down the Louis Vuitton Paris catwalk, smoking a cigarette, I'd expect it of Taylor Momsen maybe, but she's 17 and obviously still finding her feet in the famous world. And yeah, I know it was a PR stunt which you may think has worked as I am blogging about it, but if it was meant to make us sit up and watch the clothes it was an abysmal failure. 

And what sort of wanker agrees to spark up on a catwalk anyway? Kate, it's not 1961, smoking as cool or rebellious is about as archaic a concept as making coloured people sit at the back of the bus or saying woman shouldn't be able to vote (though with this one in particular maybe that's not such a bad idea).

There are so many kids that look to models as images of what they want to be (as if the whole size '0' as a healthy image for the vast majority of the population wasn't bad enough).  The last thing they need is a professional moron lighting up on the catwalk. I just hope that they roll her out again in 10 years time when she's suffering from Emphysema, or better still throw her carcass down the runway when she's died, earlier than usual, from cancer. 

Oooh sexy!

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SMS Style said...

Totally agree, Kate Moss represents the UK/London modelling market and has done for years. She has totally let us down - not to mentioned her role as a mother and an icon for many young girls. Still, if I can those legs at 37 - I'd probably be feeling like I could do whatever I wanted too!


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