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Wednesday 2 March 2011

Lean Mean Delusional Mach-sheen!

Having a mental breakdown is not an amusing time for anyone, except if the mentalee is a member of Hollywood royalty or the leader of an Arab country then it seems it's bloody hilarious. And this got me thinking, since when did Charlie Sheen and Colonel Gaddafi (if that is indeed his real name!) have so much in common?

Its almost as if they are aware of each other and have got some sort of underhanded wager going on to see who can loose the plot the quickest and most publicly. Granted Charlie takes the cake with his 'Tiger Blood' comment but Gaddafi thinks 9/11 was a fairy story (I didn't see and gingerbread houses or spinning wheels in the twin towers) and compared himself to the Queen and who knows, maybe he does have a thing for corgis - I'm not one to judge.

I think Charlies winning here though (or bi-winning as he likes to call it). Telling your kids that locking yourself up with several hookers and Snowdon's worth of crack means 'your dad's a Rock Star' may sound like bad advise to us mere humans but that's probably because we have different hearts, blood and brain to the Sheen boy.

Unless that is, its all an elaborate hoax. I mean Joaquin Phoenix was fine one day and a bedraggled beardy struggling hip-hop artist the next and it seems that was all just a form of artistic expression. So who knows, maybe Mr Sheen hasn't really gone the way of the fruit loop, but until he either gets clean, dies or ascends to the astral plane I reckon there are many more soundbites heading our way.

Feel free to add you're favourite one below and remember, dying's for losers!

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SMS Style said...

I completely agree with you - he is creating himself a lovely little comeback. Imagine the magazine deals he'll get when he gets himself back up on the straight and narrow! xx

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