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Monday 17 January 2011

Golden Globes - For Lauren

As awards season rushes towards us like a five yr old rushes towards her daddy arriving home from work (or like I'd rush towards a Christian Louboutin Sample Sale if such a thing were ever to exist) the red carpet that starts the whole thing for me is The Golden Globes.

I thought I'd give you a run down of what i feel are my qualifications to comment on other people's fashions. I have:
  • been wearing clothes since 1977 (impressive eh?)
  • been buying clothes since 1981 (I remember my first purchase with my own money, a lemon yellow and black reversible 101 Dalmatian's jumper from Etam – yes it was very fashionable at the time)
  • a degree from The University of Opinions – I scored within the top 100% of my class.
  • a blog where I can say whatever the heck I want.
Therefore let the judgement begin!

Catherine Zeta Jones Obviously she tore down a curtain and got Monique Lhuillier to knock this up a la Scarlett O’Hara but it could be worse... she could be

Christina Aguilera Big sigh! With the make-up, the fake hair and figure hugging fishtail yuckiness it’s all wrong, and has anyone else noticed that she’s starting to bear an unfortunate resemblance to Patricia Arquette?

Natalie Portman You don’t have to look like someone wrapped you up in a peach sheet and stapled a red flower to your chest if you’re pregged up. You could wear Badgley Mischka Couture like Jane Krakowski – gorgeous!
Angelina Jolie, Atelier Versace
Not someone who usually gets it wrong, Angie seems to have found an old dress of her grandmothers, cut out the back and dumped it on. Not her best moment. If you want to see a similar dress worn correctly see Anne Hathaway in Armani
January Jones, Versace. She always does this! Her face and hair are amazing but her dress choices are quite out there. Personally I think if it had just been a tad more covered up this could have been my BEST DRESSED. As it is that honour goes to:

Dianna Agron in J mendel. So beautiful, God she looked like a fairy! The hair is perfect and the diamond flower necklace pulls the whole outfit together brilliantly.

Oliva Wilde in Marchesa. My husband’s current favourite (fair enough really!) was gorgeous as always and the studded yellow Christian Louboutin’s shoes were incredible.

Heather Morris. Usually overlooked due to the Lea Micheles and Dianna Agrons of the Glee world, but actually scrubs up rather well. Loved the hair and Heather’s silhouette in this nude sparkly Lorena Sarbu dress was stunning. One to watch in the fashion world.

Tilda Swinton WORST DRESSEDI did hear that she lives in a commune which if it’s true may explain why she always looks so awful. Obviously there is never a bathroom free when she’s trying to get ready so leaves without putting on any make-up or doing her hair, or looking at what she’s wearing, at all. Tilda, please stop coming to red carpet events, you are very very irritating.

Julianne Moore I honestly can’t say anything about this as I think it’s too cruel to comment on the fashion choices of a woman who is so obviously having a mental breakdown, Get well soon Julianne.

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein I love her I do, but seriously - what the fuck is that! Did someone cut out a large piece of Peach cardboard and pop it round her? Bad hair colour, bad dress colour, bad choice. She’s still cool though.

So there we have it. Mr Gervais seemed to have upset more than his fair share of influential actors and has pretty much secured never being asked back to host again. Fashion wise there were lots of greens, lots of black, lots of great shoes hidden by long dresses (why you aren’t allowed to have feet on the red carpet anymore is beyond me!) and lots of mistakes. Looking forward to the SAGs!

This is for Lauren as she is running a half marathon for all our golden globes. If you want to sponsor her click here.


Lauren said...

First of all - THANK YOU! You're a brilliantly lovely person.

Second of all - you got it bloody spot on! Dianna Agron was my favourite (but I have a MASSIVE girl crush on her) and Julianne Moore looked mental. Oh and Tilda Swinton - SNORE! Make an effort woman!

Effing marvellous blog post right there.

TmS said...

Glee Girls Rule!
Sooo looking forward to the Grammys and Oscars now :)

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